Wholeness Is Your Portion!

Hi, my name is Cynthia! Thank you for visiting my website. My vocation as a communications strategist, wellness and human capital practitioner, has enabled me to incorporate into my work my unique passion for holistic life transformation.

Who is Cynthia Chirinda?

Authentic Identity

Cynthia is a kingmaker poised to unpack the potential  of individuals & organizations for transgenerational impact.

The attitude behind Her guiding principle

Cynthia’s Philosophy

I don’t tell people what to think or what to do. I simply facilitate an environment that enables them to think critically and act on Higher, Deeper, Significant Dimensions.

– CynthiaC, The KingMaker

Cynthia's Publications

Her published books include:

  • “You Are Not Damaged Goods” (collection of 3 books)”
  • “The Connection Factor Series (collection of 3 books)”
  • “Can The Whole Woman Please Stand Up!”
  • “The Wealthy Diary of African Wisdom,”
  • “Destination Wholeness – Going Beyond Brokenness,”
  • “The Whole You – Vital Keys for Balanced Living”
  • “Intelligent Conversations: A mindset shift towards a developed Africa.
  • “Success Within Reach” (co-author)

Her Film Productions Include “The Extra Mile, Women Leading in Positive Nation Building,” “Women Rising in Africa,” and the “Intelligent Conversations” TV Series .

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What is Cynthia’s calling in ministry?

The minister of the Gospel

Cynthia is a minister of the gospel with a prophetic voice to rebuild brokenness and restore wholeness according to Isaiah 58:12 and 3 John 2.”