Give yourself permission to change course

Give yourself permission to change course

By: Cynthia Chirinda

I am persuaded to believe that many of us who find ourselves constricted in some form of shape of imprisonment that is stifling our progress, did not set out at the beginning with a self-sabotage agenda. For most of us, we had very well-meaning motives, well-calculated agendas, and the hope that the principles that undergirded our lives would take us to the promised land where our ambitions and aspirations would soar to great heights and conquer the world. So how did we find ourselves in this self-made prison, held hostage by our own decisions, beliefs and value systems?

Over time, we perfected our routines and choreographed every move to the point where we were so proud of our unbroken regimen of activities and disciplines that kept us in line. Everything seemed so perfect until they kept us in line to the point where they created formidable invisible lines that we could no longer cross. Thick, solid lines that we had created ourselves through our self-righteous and self-protective rules. We made ourselves too protected and guarded to a point where we would slap our own wrists if ever we dared to reach out of the familiar zones that we had created for ourselves.

The territories of familiarity became the prisons that kept us from remaining opening minded. They sheltered us from differing views, perspectives and opinions. Our own safe turf turned us into fragile mortals who at best had to be kept protected, contained and preserved from unfamiliar schools of thought.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to reflect and self-introspect on my own value systems as I crossed over from 2021 into 2022. Allow me to dare you to let go of the familiar and flail your arms open wide to embrace new paradigms of thought. Take time to re-examine your values, principles and core belief systems. Are they serving you the fruitful purpose that will unleash your ultimate purpose? What made you arrive at those operating value systems in the first place? Did you inherit them from a system that was well meaning yet no longer serves any relevance for where you are and where you are going? Take the journey with me and let us explore, re-examine and reset the value systems that have imprisoned you and kept you from scaling to greater heights.

Are you facing a dead end in your career, relationships, business and wholesome life experiences? Do you know how you got yourself there? Ask yourself the right questions. Give yourself permission to change course where your current value systems and direction are no longer serving your ultimate purpose. What is stopping you from challenging those deeply embedded belief systems that you have subscribed to for so long yet their claws are tightening their grip and sucking the life out of you?  Remember, your days on this earth are numbered and your next best experience is just one decision away.

Cynthia Chirinda is a Communications Strategist, Organizational and Human Capital Development Consultant. As a Life Coach, Author, and publishing consultant, her published books speak to matters that position individuals and leaders to achieve their significant goals. Looking at improving your career, personal effectiveness, communication skills, relationships, focus, faith and happiness? Our therapy sessions and coaching strategies can help you and achieve your goals. E-mail: cynthia@cynthiac.net. Whatsapp: +971504607993. Website:www.cynthiac.net.