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Cynthia Chirinda is a strategist and peacebuilding practitioner specializing in People and Organizational Development. As a systems change and social transformation catalyst, she inspires individuals, families and institutions to step out of their comfort zones and create lasting solutions through paradigm shifts and transformative actions. Cynthia provides Wellness and Peak Performance coaching, emphasizing spiritual wellness to fulfill her mission of rebuilding brokenness. Her work is supported by qualifications in Marketing Communications, Transformational Leadership, Sustainable Peacebuilding, and Trauma Informed Care. Cynthia’s messages promote wholeness and disruptive thinking. A serial entrepreneur, recipient of several leadership awards, and author, her publications focus on Thought Leadership, Wholeness, and Personal Development. Her latest book, “Managing Transitions: Navigating Change with Grace,” offers readers practical strategies to navigate life’s inevitable changes with grace, resilience, and confidence. She founded Women Politicians Incubator Zimbabwe (WOPIZ), Wholeness Incorporated, and Director of Africa Reform Institute. 

Her ending call to action

Cynthia’s Goal

As a communications strategist, personal development practitioner and minister of the Gospel:

I want to enable people to relocate from a state of brokenness so that in their wholeness they can create better communities around themselves

Where is Cynthia going & how is she getting there?


To be an expert strategic broker who facilitates people and organizational development for trans-generational impact


Creating platforms for knowledge sharing and developing messages that shift paradigms for transformative actions

What fundamental beliefs guide her actions?

Her Values (BESIC)

Balanced Living





Why is Cynthia passionate about African issues?

The Pan-Africanist

“As an African with a Strong Rural background, Cynthia believes that “good character is the essence of the African moral system, the linchpin of the moral wheel.

When the sons and daughters of Africa unite to unleash the greatness locked inside of them, they will restore the dignity and greatness of the African continent, making it a formidable force to reckon with on the global stage.”

Cynthia Chirinda (13)

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