Wholeness Is Your Portion!

Hi, my name is Cynthia! Thank you for visiting my website. My vocation as a communications strategist, wellness and human capital practitioner, has enabled me to incorporate into my work my unique passion for holistic life transformation.

Who is Cynthia Chirinda?

Authentic Identity

Cynthia Chirinda is a strategist and peacebuilding practitioner specializing in People and Organizational Development. As a systems change and social transformation catalyst, she inspires individuals, families and institutions to step out of their comfort zones and create lasting solutions through paradigm shifts and transformative actions. Cynthia provides Wellness and Peak Performance coaching, emphasizing spiritual wellness to fulfill her mission of rebuilding brokenness.

How Cynthia can help you


Communications Strategy

Collaborates with clients and partners to develop successful communication strategies.

Strategy and Organisational Development

Designs and delivers people and organisational development strategies

Transformational Leadership Development

Collaborates with clients and partners to develop successful communication strategies.

Soft Skills Training

Personal Effectiveness, Communication, Grooming, Team Development and Team Management Skills

Life Coaching

Peak Performance and Wellness (Programmes: Personal Leadership, Healing Inside Out and Communication for Strategic Connectedness

Motivational Power Talks

Talks on achieving financial success, living a healthy lifestyle or creating balance between work and lifestyle and more.

The attitude behind Her guiding principle

Cynthia’s Philosophy

I don’t tell people what to think or what to do. I simply facilitate an environment that enables them to think critically and act on Higher, Deeper, Significant Dimensions.

– CynthiaC, The KingMaker

Cynthia's Publications

Her published books include:

  • “You Are Not Damaged Goods” (collection of 3 books)”
  • “The Connection Factor Series (collection of 3 books)”
  • “Can The Whole Woman Please Stand Up!”
  • “The Wealthy Diary of African Wisdom,”
  • “Destination Wholeness – Going Beyond Brokenness,”
  • “The Whole You – Vital Keys for Balanced Living”
  • “Intelligent Conversations: A mindset shift towards a developed Africa.
  • “Success Within Reach” (co-author)

Her Film Productions Include “The Extra Mile, Women Leading in Positive Nation Building,” “Women Rising in Africa,” and the “Intelligent Conversations” TV Series .

What is Cynthia’s calling in ministry?

The minister of the Gospel

Cynthia is a minister of the gospel with a prophetic voice to rebuild brokenness and restore wholeness according to Isaiah 58:12 and 3 John 2.”